Stupid People Vs. Things They Shouldn’t be Crashing Into: VIDEOS


When you’re cruising around behind the raw power of man made metal machinery, it’s tempting to tempt fate . . . especially for those of us whose parents are cousins, or were home schooled in the back woods of a southern state . . . or pretty much anyone who likes any aspect of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

For those of us who like to enjoy the follies of others lacking in the common sense department, enjoy these lovely videos of…

Man vs. Stupidity.

Traffic Bollards Vs. an Assortment of Cars and Trucks

Most of us see traffic, or other types of bollards from, for example, on a daily basis without giving them much consideration. However, these tough little poles help to shape traffic flow and protect us from a number of potentially dangerous situations, and vice versa. Many of us have been tempted to play leap frog over sidewalk bollards, or ring around the rosy, but then there are those of us who simply want to take things down. Unfortunately for them, it was unbeknown that not even a semi-truck can take down these mighty suckers.

Here you can see a large semi truck being flung at a small, unassuming bollard, and although it’s difficult to see the bollard in the wake of a sliced-open truck, it does, in fact, remain largely unscathed. The truck is another story, that sucker was totaled to smithereens in a matter of seconds!

Police Cars Vs. Tractor

You’ve been charged for drug possession and you’re not very happy about it, what do you do to give “Johnny Law” a piece of your mind? If your name is Roger Pion and you live in Vermont and happen to have access to a tractor, the answer is an obvious one: make your own vigilante retribution monster truck rally. Pion smashed half the deputy fleet before slowly rolling away, and easily being caught, as he was driving a tractor.

Witness Rene Morris told “I just couldn’t believe it. He’s backing up, going over it, turns around, makes his way to the other vehicles and smashes those up, did his business and headed right down Route 5.” Having caused over 250K in damages, poor Roger’s fate doesn’t look like a pleasant one.

Trees Vs. Just About Anything

Nature’s natural “red rovers” can stand a lot of abuse, and we’ve given them no shortage of it. Sometimes, however, trees have been known to seek subtle revenge via having really strong, deep roots that offer no match for a tin box on wheels filled with hillbillies.

If you can decipher what’s going on behind the moonshine-fueled hollering, it seems as though the “boys” want to take down a poor, unsuspecting little tree that lines their property. Off they charge, only to be thwarted like a cat batting a cockroach to the ground. The little tree just calmly swats the car full of people off as it flips over and smashes to the ground. The hoots and laughter briefly subside when they’re unsure if their friend is alright, but how alright can anyone ever be when they willingly decide to drive head on into a tree?

Who knows what motivates someone to take on a bollard, the sheriff’s department fleet, or even a poor old farm tree, but it sure makes for an interesting show for the rest of us.

Christine Rivera: Christine is fluent in English and Spanish and writes about higher education for several specialty publications and magazines. She holds a master’s degree in creative writing.


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