Free CDL Practice Tests Online with Video

Here at Driven Autos, we are not only interested in cars, but we like trucks too! Yes, a real man has a truck. And his daddy drives a semi. Who’s your daddy? Kidding aside, we thought it was worth mentioning that there are tons of free CDL tests out there, even practice questions. So, if you are aspiring to be a truck driver, or if you just want a refresher course before you take that dreaded written exam, read on., since 2000, is one of the oldest free CDL test sites on the web. Take their most popular test here- General Knowledge Test.

We put together a group of CDL tests that cover every test you will have to take- General Knowledge, Combination Vehicles, Hazmat, Tanker, Triples, Air Brakes, School Bus, even Pre-Trip Inspections.

Keep on truckin’.

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    1. You can practice your CDL test right here. Practice as much as you want to, until you can really get most of it right. Then you will be ready to take your CDL test.

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