Use the Used Car Trade-In Calculator Before You Buy

Consumer Guide has an excellent tool- a Car Trade-in Calculator. It will evaluate the value of your used car. Before you trade one in, be sure to know what it is worth. You can always try to sell it outright, to an individual, then take that cash to the dealer when you buy a new one (or a newer one).

We’ve all done it- traded a car in for less money that we know it’s worth. But why? Are we that lazy? There are people out there looking for that car. Someone loves those beaters. Maybe not as beat up as the car in the picture, but hey, someone out there would love to have that car too- if it runs.

Before you take that used car to the dealer, at least check out its potential value at Consumer Guide Automotive website. And put in the parameters on your car. Don’t get ripped off.

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