Free Ebooks- How to Buy a Used Car & Buy a Car With No Credit

I have about 150,000 ebooks I sell and give away on other websites, and I came across these two about buying used cars. So I thought I’d pass them on. They are free, and even come with resell rights, so you could give them away or even sell them legally.

The first one, How to buy a used Car without getting Ripped off, reveals common scams a lot of unscrupulous dealers try to use on you. It’s definitely worth a read if you ever plan on buying a used car.

This ebook exposes every scam and trick dealers try to pull on you. Download it here. Written by an experienced used car salesman, a pro who has very likely tricked a lot of people over the years but now is trying to clear his conscience by giving away this free ebook. Either that or he’s still trying to scam us all by giving away a free ebook that makes you want to visit his website. (There is a link in there to his site.)

Download that one here.The other free ebook is How to Buy a Car with No Credit or Bad Credit. This one is a streetwise approach too, and gives away a lot of dealer secrets. If you ever plan on buying a car on credit, this is a must-read too.

If you are interested in the other 150,000+ ebooks, let me explain… Most of them come with resell rights. You could start an online bookstore with all these. They even come with complete websites (all you have to do is change the links to your Paypal and start collecting money. Paypal sends them the link automatically. Just set it up and forget it. It’s an automatic money maker. Check out the huge list at

There’s some free ebooks over at Skaggmo’s Ebooks too. She has a website for free books online (ebooks). A lot of free ebooks about making money.

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