Prepare Your Child For Their Driving Test in 5 Simple Steps


As passing a driving test is both a sense of freedom for both teenagers, and for the parents who have acted as ‘private chauffeur’ for the past umpteen years, it is a big moment in all the families life.

If you have a teenager who is facing driving lessons or their driving test is just around the corner, here are the top tips to ensure they stay cool, calm and collected in order to wave goodbye to your daily taxi duties once and for all.

Practice Makes Perfect

On average learners need around 40 hours of professional practice learning to drive a car with a driving school and an extra 20 hours of private practice. Therefore make sure your kids are learning with a proper instructer and that you are not trying to teach your kids solely by yourself but are signing them up with a reputable, local driving school.

Pre-Test Warm Up

Before any driving test it is always advisable to have a little warm up before going in for the test. Therefore make sure you are booking a lesson close to the test centre just before your test appointment time. This will help your child to feel more relaxed and in control of their driving. As they will also be driving around the area that the test will be held in it is also a good idea to scope out any potential hazards in the area, like potholes, schools or any roadworks.

Be Relaxed

One of the most common reasons for failing driving tests is the little mistakes we make due to nerves. Therefore it is important to try and stay as calm as possible. Some people find that they tend to feel more more relaxed if they don’t tell too many people about the test, so that they don’t feel the pressure of passing. Make sure they take lots of deep breaths in order to try and calm down before entering the test centre.

Adjusting Your Car

Making sure your child is comfortable in your car is really important in order to teach them how to get themselves set up and adjusted, which will bode well for when they get into the examiners car. So make sure your child is properly adjusting their seat and mirrors and that they are spending time getting used to all the standard controls within a car.

Be Positive

It helps to be positive in any situation in life and that certainly applies to driving tests. It is always a good idea to try and inject positivity within your child before their test and to try and help them believe that they are going to pass. Creative visualisations are a really good idea before any nerve racking exam or test. So try to get your child to close their eyes and imagine themselves driving smoothly and calmly around the course, performing perfect parking manoeuvres. If they laugh at you for trying then at least you got a couple of minutes, relaxing shut-eye.



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