Better Safe Than Sorry: 4 Of The Most Common Traffic Offenses


We all do our best to make sure we stay within the law in our day to day lives, (I hope you do anyway!) but every now and then, a little carelessness can land us in hot water with the law, or even a full-on collision! Whether you’ve been driving for years, or you’re only just learning and want to brush up on your knowledge, it pays to be aware of the law on the road. Here are a few of the most common driving offenses, and how to avoid them.


I’m sure you knew that this was going to be on the list. The most common traffic violation in the states by far is driving over the speed limit. Sure, you won’t get pulled over for doing one or two over the limit, but just a little more can be a serious problem. If you’ve gotten a little used to driving according to feel, make sure you’re paying attention to your speedometer and speed limits, particularly in residential areas and built-up city roads where they’re liable to change quickly.

Running a Red

A couple of red traffic lights against a blue skySource: Flickr

We’ve all tried to catch the light at some point. After a few years of driving, this kind of maneuver may be understandable, but not really condonable! Pressing on the gas and trying to scrape through a yellow light can not only result in a big fine, but also a T-bone, which has the potential to cost you a lot more than your money. Try and get out of this bad habit! The next time you see a light changing and you have enough time to stop, make sure you stop. Similarly, it’s important to halt completely at stop signs, as only slowing down a little can also land you in hot water.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is unfortunately another very common traffic offense, and is the cause of countless deaths every year. It also sends a lot of people high-tailing it to legal firms like this one: . Driving while drunk poses a massive threat to you and other drivers, and if you’re charged with it following a collision, you’ll be lucky just to lose your job and your license! Of course, there’s a big difference between driving after a glass of wine and several double vodkas, but to be safe, I recommend making it a personal policy not to drink at all before driving.

Not Stopping for School Buses

Pretty much every driver in the country has been stuck behind a school bus at one time or another, having to stop for it frequently and listening to the constant cacophony of kids’ voices. I know how frustrating this can be, but the laws about stopping for a school bus are there for a reason; to keep kids safe! The same goes for yielding to pedestrians, which is a legal requirement for the same simple reason: to save lives. Make sure you’re adhering to these laws, no matter how irritating they can be sometimes!


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